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Celebrating Independence Day in 2020 will inevitably look much different for many lake country residents than in previous years.

Due to a variety of reasons, many traditional events have been canceled across the state. Some events have adapted to the current restrictions, while others were not able to do so this holiday season. While some events are being held in the area, they are only open to a limited number of guests.

Continuing Independence Day traditions is important to many residents and there are ways we can continue to celebrate while also staying safe and healthy.

Lake Oconee and Lake Sinclair

Spending time on the water is what many families look forward to over the July 4th holiday.  The public accesses to the lakes are open and available to visitors. Whether the family is looking to boat, jet ski, fish, or just relax on the water, you can do it all.

Multiple companies operate boat and jet ski rentals on both Lake Oconee and Lake Sinclair. This is a great option for families who are just looking for a few hours on the water to get away.

Lake Oconee Recreation & Fishing Information

Lake Sinclair Recreation & Fishing Information

Lake Oconee Rentals:
Young- Harris Water Sports Lake Oconee

Lake Sinclair Rentals:

Twin Lakes Jet Ski & Boat Rentals

Jere Shai Lakeside Rentals

Sinclair Marina Boat Rentals


One of the most prevalent traditions of July 4th is grilling with family and friends. Staying home and preparing food and snacks throughout the day is my personal favorite. The menu is usually multiple types of meat on the grill (burgers, hot dogs, and ribs), many “southern” sides (potato salad, mac and cheese, corn on the cob, and coleslaw),  and a cool refreshing dessert (flag cake or fruit salad) always served with ice-cold sweet tea or lemonade.

While this is still a very popular and safe practice at your own home, some local restaurants will be open to serve you on Saturday, July 4th if you want to avoid the prep and clean up during an already busy day.

Amongst other restaurants in the area, Georgia Butts BBQ will have live music and festivities on the lake, Saturday, July 4, 2020.


Thousands of residents and visitors alike watch fireworks in the lake country area each year. Many of those usual events cannot securely provide them this year for a variety of reasons. While we hope to see these events again in 2021, some safe alternatives may take their place in the time being.

Handheld sparklers are one of my family’s favorites. They are inexpensive and provide tons of fun for those who can safely and properly handle them. Writing your name with them in the dark is a memorable experience for children and many adults remember doing it when they were young.

Many large cities have massive fireworks shows they broadcast on TV. Of course, this is not as cool as watching them in your backyard, but they are tuned to music and many camera angles show just how spectacular it is. You also avoid the bug bites and can watch it from the comfort of your couch.


Not being able to gather in large groups is difficult, but playing outdoor games with family and friends can keep everyone entertained. Many yard games such as corn hole or ring toss are easy to set up and play, keeping everyone occupied.

Keeping the kiddos cool is also important on the long summer days in early July. Small pools and slip and slides are inexpensive to purchase and can occupy children for hours and keep them cool.