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AFrican-American History

Visit Eatonton, as the designated marketing organization for Eatonton and Putnam County, values the importance of inclusion of people and stories throughout the destination. Rather than feature only highlights of one historical viewpoint, we strongly encourage the community and visitors alike to learn more about diverse groups of people who have lived on these lands for centuries.

While history can never be erased, we look to give more attention to the cultural heritage and history of the African American
community. Some of the original Putnam Countians were African Americans who brought unmatched skills to the region in a variety of talents including culinary, arts, agriculture, and more. Since the colonial era, traditions have passed through generations,
sharing unique techniques, skills, and stories to new family members. Today, we look to add these invaluable lessons to our destination.

We intend to build important, relevant, and timely research based on the African American communities in Putnam County. This research is in partnership with local voices, past and present for today and tomorrow