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lake oconee

Nestled just a short drive from Eatonton, Lake Oconee presents an idyllic escape, beckoning visitors with its serene waters and picturesque surroundings. Formed in 1979 as a reservoir by the Georgia Power Company, Lake Oconee spans approximately 19,050 acres, offering a vast expanse of water to explore and enjoy. With its extensive shoreline stretching over 374 miles, this lake is a haven for those seeking tranquility and outdoor adventures alike.


Anchors Marina

Armour Bridge Boat Ramp

Blue Springs Marina

Boathouse Marina

Fish Tale Marina

Great Waters Marina

HWY 44 Fishing Pier

Lake Club Marina

Lawrence Shoals Campground

Linger Longer Marina

Long Shoals Boat Ramp

Oconee Wild Watersports

Old Salem Campground

Parks Ferry Campground

Redlands USFS Recreation Area

Reynolds Landing Marina

Sugar Creek Marina

Sun Life Marina

Swords USFS Recreation Area

Weaver Branch Fishing Pier

Young-Harris Watersports