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History & Heritage

Know our past, appreciate our future.

Putnam County is home to a rich array of museums and historical sites sure to delight visitors and residents alike.

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Old School History Museum

Created in 2009, this interactive museum gives a glimpse into the past of the people who lived in Putnam County over the years.

Georgia's trail of legacy and lore

Georgia’s Trail of Legacy & Lore tells the stories of history, events and unique architectural, literary, musical, design, and artistic endeavors of periods ranging from the earliest indigenous communities to Georgia’s iconic music scenes of the nineteen seventies and eighties.

Eatonton-putnam county historical society, inc.

Offering detailed history including genealogy, family data, and cemetery information for Putnam County and surrounding areas, the historical society owns and upkeeps the Bronson House, a historic home on Madison Avenue.

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Timeless is a collaborative project between Visit Eatonton and the community that showcases the enduring connection between the past and present, highlighting timeless values that have shaped Eatonton over the years.