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Wedding Venue: Vibe Check!

Whether you have a perfect vision for what the location of your big day will look like or you are on the hunt for inspiration, we have some amazing wedding venue options for you in Eatonton, Georgia. So what vibe are you going for?


Heartwood Acres

vibe: modern + rustic

Located on 15 beautiful acres and only a short drive from Atlanta, Augusta, and Athens, Heartwood Acres is a seriously cool and stunning wedding venue. If you love a good southern rustic feel, but you also love the elegance of modern details, this venue is for you. The barn style railings, shiplap walls, and modern light fixtures create the perfect modern, rustic vibe. 

Black, modern exterior of Heartwood Acres.Rustic and elegant interior of the wedding venue Heartwood Acres.


vibe: boho + timeless

If you’re having a hard time deciding between an indoor or outdoor wedding or if you’re worried about rain on your wedding day, Talmo Farms is your solution. This venue has an indoor barn, a covered pavilion and scenic outdoor choices for you to choose from.  The chandeliers in the pavilion and barn, the string lights outside, the view, and the old white oak trees on the 100s of acres of land create the perfect boho, timeless vibe.

Outdoor wedding setup at Talmo Farms.Indoor barn area at Talmo Farms.

The Plaza

vibe: historic + charming

The Plaza has a lot to offer you on your big day, including: 3 different spaces for your wedding/reception, party concierge, audiovisual assistance and local catering. The Plaza itself is creatively constructed within an old schoolhouse built in 1916, making it a truly one-of-a-kind place to share vows. Located in a historic district and surrounded by other historic buildings, The Plaza has nailed the historic, charming vibe.

Wedding setup at The Plaza.Just married couple being celebrated at The Plaza.

Barrel 118

vibe: industrial + stunning

If you’re looking for a stunning, industrial vibe for your big day, Barrel 118 is going to be your dream wedding venue. With exposed brick, ceiling beams, string lights, the large windows, the stage- You can have a good time just by looking at the photos of Barrel 118. They have a beautiful entryway, a banquet room, a backstage room and a gorgeous bridal suite. 

Industrial style wedding setup at Barrel 118.

Eatonton has the perfect wedding spot to fit the vibe of your wedding day. Book one of these places, cross “venue” off of your list and get on to the next thing!