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Gone Glamping

Take a break from the hustle and bustle with a spin on traditional camping – glamping. Glamping integrates luxury with the beauty and solitude of camping. Glamping comes in many forms like a glass dome under the starry night sky, a cabin nestled in a canopy of trees or even a tiny home that’s smack dab in the middle of the woods. There is glamping a’plenty in Eatonton, Georgia and here are some of our favorite spots.

There’s No Place Like Dome

Artistic Retreat Dome

Located only 5 minutes from Lake Oconee, inspire your creativity and  inner artist while staying in this uniquely beautiful geo dome. Enjoy stargazing nights and a cozy campfire by the dome for a perfect retreat getaway. Rent kayaks for an adventure on Lake Oconee, hike through the woods, and end the day in the super comfy, 100 year old bed.

Peaceful Retreat Dome

Calling all nature and yoga lovers! This totally zen geo-dome is a peaceful space for your mind, body and spirit to unwind, relax and recharge. Relax in the comfy, queen sized bed and enjoy the peaceful, wooded view or the starlit sky. It’s the perfect place to get away and slow down.

Tiny Trips

Fairytale Tiny House

Set off for a whimsical getaway in this hobbit inspired tiny house. Where cozy meets romance, enjoy a nice and quiet escape in the woods. Nothing quite says romance like a night spent by the campfire with a good glass of wine or unwinding together from the one-of-a-kind artisan balcony on the back of the tiny house.

Tiny Firehouse

For a unique glamping experience, stay at this tiny firehouse! Made to look like a fire station, this tiny house is equipped with it’s own fire pole and ladder that leads to a lofted bed. Open up the garage doors to enjoy the view or cozy up in the romantic outdoor space.

You’ve Got to Be Cabin Me

Luxury, Lake Cabin

Enjoy an unforgettable retreat at this lakefront cabin! Take in the incredible view of the lake from the private dock or hit the water in a kayak. This outdoor escape also includes a bonfire, slackline, fishing poles, and rope climb. 

Waterfront Cabin

This luxury, two story cabin is the perfect place to get away and recharge. Surrounded by the lake on one side and beautiful woods on the others, experience the solitude and bliss of nature. Our favorite spot is the large, two-story deck with incredible lake views where you can enjoy some peace and quiet.